Florence, Italy: Trattoria ZaZa

There are so many wonderful benefits to traveling.

If you've ventured out much into this vast world of ours, 
you'll know what treasures await you in new cultures:

quirky sayings...
interesting style...
unique approaches to 
religion, family, dating,
and ever other facet of life
that our home cultures view so differently.

While I love discovering those in every place we go,
I also really just love to go for the food.

There, I said it.

When we went to Florence the other week,
I was a bit determined to take everyone to Trattoria ZaZa.

Will I be bold enough to claim it as "the best restaurant in Florence?"

No.... because, unfortunately, I haven't eaten in all of the restaurants in Florence.

Though it's a goal I hope to accomplish.

I can say it is a place that is always delicious,
well-located to a day's trip to the city,
and a crowd-pleaser.

Plus, it's really sentimental to me.

I spent time there in college with my friends (now sister-in-law),
I went on dates there (with my then boyfriend),
I've eaten many meals with my family there throughout the years...
and now Tyler & I have our own handful of special memories together there.

The bruschetta is great.

The truffle ravioli is fantastic.

The ribollita is a Tuscan treat that I never miss.

Ribollita = minestrone soup with bread cooked into it.
It's a hearty soup that Italian farmers would make to use day old bread...
I'm not going to lie, it's fantastic.

the crew: stephen, megan & corey (liz's main man)

So there you have it:

One solid recommendation for a very tasty meal in Florence, Italy.

{Editor's Note: Reservations for dinner not required, but highly suggested!}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. heyy, awesome! I will go there on Saturday then :)

    You all look so glamourous sharing your fab italian meal.

  2. look how PUMPED i am about food. not surprising.

  3. Mmmm.... raviolis.
    Okay, I said this on Megan's blog, but I will say it here: thank you for representing America so well. You gals are three classy ladies who took Italy by storm!

  4. I love when you blog about some place I've been! Trattoria Nella was another one of my favorite restaurants there too.

  5. When I studied abroad my now-husband (who was also studying there) lived right by Zaza in the same piazza :) Lots of good memories there!

  6. I have so many great memories of going to Za-Za when I studied abroad in Florence. Would love to go back! The ribollita was amazing and so was the pasta with walnut sauce. Thanks for the memory!

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  8. Ah! I loved ZaZa when I was studying abroad too! Next time you go to Florence and you're there during the week, go eat your heart out at ZaZa and then go check out the Be Bop Music Club - there is an AMAZING Italian Beatles cover band that plays on Tuesday nights. All of this in one night = amazing-ness.

  9. This looks absolutely delicious!

  10. You just made me so hungry! That place looks amazing! I will add it to my list :) -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

  11. I honestly just want your life right now. Eating glorious food al fresco in Florence? Goodness gracious! :) :)

  12. why aren't i in florence now so i can eat here?

  13. No but for real...the best part of traveling is always the food!! This makes me want to run off to Italy so I can eat as much as humanly possible.

  14. Um. Ribollita is my absolute favorite Tuscan dish. This trattoria in Florence told me it basically came from "reboiled". When the bread when BAD bad, they'd make the soup! Some of the best food I've had in my life was in Florence. That ribollita being one of them. But, I must say... my favorite meal in Italy came from Bologna. Or it might just be the tartufo that finished off that night. Mmmm. I'm so hungry!!!!

    (PS I haven't really spent much time on your blog before tonight and I'm sorta obsessed! Love it!)

  15. Beautiful pictures!

    I haven't really traveled much but if I do, it will probably be for the food as much as the sights! Everything looks delicious! :)


  16. Favorite restaurant EVER! I spent a summer in Italy and remember having one of those long leisurely dinners there with lots of wine and four desserts (and there were only three of us)! :)

  17. I studied in Florence and walked by ZaZa everyday. I also fell in love with their ribollita. I remember ZaZa's ribollita being so thick you could eat it with a fork. I make ribollita every winter. My recipe is inspired by ZaZa's http://thekittchen.com/2011/12/04/ribollita-italian-bread-and-vegetable-soup/

  18. i studied abroad in florence so i have serious connection and lust to go back, but at the same time i almost dont want to because it was such a great time and what if its not as great at i remember?! hahah probably not an issu

  19. I'm all about the food everywhere as well. My husband and I went to Italy in May, and we went here on our last night after a recommendation from the B&B owner. So fun to see you recommending it now. I want to go back. Well and go everywhere. :)

  20. I'm drooling right now. seriously.

  21. Thanks for this awesome recommendation! I'm studying in Florence right now and live right across the piazza from ZaZa's but never tried it. After reading this, I went last night for the first time and love love loved it. The ribollita was phenomenal. I will most definitely be going back!

  22. The best and worse Italian restaurants are in Italy... Zàzà for me is the best of the bests. Go, go, go!



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