Just a thought...

The other day I was having a really good talk with a dear friend.

Mind-blowing isn't it?

Girls talking over tea and apple tart tatins... with ice cream.

Ok, so that's not the interesting part of this post.

{Editor's Note: Until I arrive to said interesting point, 
enjoy some pretty pictures by the talented Victoria Wall Harris
taken in NYC for our 5th anniversary.}

The noteworthy part of catching up with my friend
was the articulation of a little idea
that has been bugging me in a big way lately.

It has to do with happiness
and the ever-seeking quest 
that people take to find it.

The thing is...
being happy isn't a destination that you suddenly arrive at
once you get everything that you've always wanted.


It's a choice that you make every day
to enjoy life as it arrives before you.

If you hold out for "happiness" to arrive
after something big happens,
you'll never find it.

Do you know why I think that is?

Because if you can't enjoy the small things in life
and be happy with the little moments & pleasures,
then you'll always be too bogged down to enjoy the really big wins in life.

Take today to find {authentic} pleasure in something simple.

Dress up something ordinary 
and revel in how good it can be.

Sleeping in.
Spooning someone you love.
Morning coffee from your favorite shop.
The ride to work in the sunshine.
A really good CD that you haven't heard since college.
A forgotten bag of jolly ranchers in your office drawer.

Whatever small thing that you can enjoy for "better than average."

Not only will it make today better,
but when you actually do strike gold in life...
it will be all the sweeter.

*all images by victoria wall and original to aspiring kennedy


  1. Lauren,
    From my friend Buddha -"What we think, we become"
    I am a firm believer in finding joy and radiating that to others.

  2. Lauren - spot on!! My husband & I are constantly texting or sending pics to one another when we have a great cup of coffee. It is so true life is what you make of it. Love this post. I so enjoy your blog especially since moving to London in August - you are a wealth of knowledge. xo Laurie

  3. What an important reminder! It's so easy to get caught up in just looking forward to the next big thing in the future, but in the mean time the present is constantly slipping away from you!


  4. thank you for this - we can get so caught up in the destination, and it's good to be reminded that it's the journey that's important.

    p.s. thank you for writing "spooning" because the word makes me laugh every time. and that's a great way to start the morning!

  5. love this! such a good reminder. it really is a choice every day. i actually wrote about choosing joy today over on my blog :) guess we've got some decisions to make every single day. and they are SO worth it. xox

  6. So lovely, and so true. In fact, I've got a post in the works on why I quit the idea of a bucket list because I realized unplanned/unexpected adventures and opportunities are often even better than the ones we plan and dream of for years- so my new "bucket list" idea is to make the best of EVERYTHING that comes my way, although I'm not just sitting back waiting for things to happen, either!

    Great words on how to live life to it's fullest- your posts have been full of optimism lately!

  7. Girl, I wrote about something so similar yesterday! Yours was said more eloquently, of course! Ha! It is so true that you will not appreciate the big things if you dont first appreciate the small things. Love the pics...gorgeous!

  8. There are many times I wish I lived in London so we can hang out b/c you have the best perspective on life. There are so many times I get bogged down in the negative & I'm actively working this year to enjoy those little things. I definitely get excited and happy over the most random moments, but making sure to focus & hold on to those is something I'm trying to do more of.

    Great post! I'm going to have to keep coming back to this when I get cranky and down on life.

  9. Lovely post and I couldn't agree more! My hubby and I truly believe that life is all about the little things and being thankful for those simple, everyday pleasures along the way. Happiness is not a destination, it's part f the journey! xoxo

  10. 1. Y'all are adorable. Love those pictures.
    2. This post is spot-on. I was nodding my head with every sentence.

  11. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Very well-written post and a nice reminder we all need now and then. I get simple happiness from popping in classic Britney Spears in the car and rocking out. I also aim to find it in the small, but sweet things my boys do every day (even amidst the usual chaos). New follower from Things That Sparkle. xoxo www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  12. Love this. I was actually just thinking this last night as I've had a really rough six months or so. But a happy editing client sent me a huge basket of Bath & Body Works, and I exchanged it all for their True Blue spa line (the only one I can wear without skin irritation), and I was so so happy. Four new lotions and a bubble bath later, it has made my week. I can deal with that.

  13. Oh my gosh I needed this! I have been so stressing about everything I don't like right now and the frustration and uncomfortable feeling of trying to change my life that I ignore and didn't celebrate the good. I felt indifferent when getting a new job which is something I have been dreaming of! Thanks for posting this I need to enjoy the littles things and celebrate the big.

  14. Yes! Such a great point, the part about the happiness little moments can bring, because those are truly some of the best. Enjoying every sip of this very indulgent pumpkin latte I am drinking this morning :)

  15. Could the two of your look classier in that picture..ah the fur and the black and white

  16. i totally believe this--it is what i remind myself when i am feeling a little blah.

    and how stunning do the pair of you look!

  17. Love, love, love this post. I wrote a similar post a couple weeks ago about being a transparent person. Life is so short and we should make it as sweet as possible :)

    -Sarah {http://tuckerup.blogspot.com/2012/09/being-transparent-person.html}

  18. wonderful post! someone really wise once said something along the lines of, in the pursuit of happiness, we often forget about actually being happy. the little things are the very best!

  19. So true! There's this great talk called "Forget me Nots" and the speaker says how in Willy Wonka, people were so obsessed with getting the golden ticket that they 'forgot the simple pleasures of a candy bar.' Sometimes I'm so focused on what will be like when I'm settled, have kids, and live in England (cough cough) that I forget to fully embrace the present. No, I'm crazy happy right now. But how much happier would I be if I didn't think about those other things?

  20. Beautiful post!

    This is something I needed to hear. It has been a rough year emotionally but it is the little things like curling up with my favorite blanket (I swear I am not 12) and the changing color of the leaves during fall that brings a smile to my face. I still believe in working towards your dreams that will make you happy but aslo enjoying the small things in life on the journey.

    Awesome pics, you both look so happy :)

  21. You are too cute & so right about this. If you wait for something big to happen that you think will make you happy, you will miss out on so much along the way. I think the key to a happy life is enjoying the small things that come your way & not holding out for something you think will make you happy. Because what if that big thing comes along & you don't get that happiness that you expected?

    Today I'm happy that I got to sleep in an extra half hour - I'm happy that I get to meet Luke for lunch (a rarity for us) & I'm also happy that it's kind of a slow morning at work, meaning I have a little spare time to read my favorite blogs! And before you know it - all those small things just added up to me having a very big happy day :)

  22. love this post! i always play the Glad Game... or try to anyway. being generally happy is key to being generally healthy. high five, buddy.

  23. Love your pictures and your thoughts!

  24. thank you for this post today...some of us (me) really needed to hear this.

  25. i love it. and i totally agree!

  26. Beautiful thoughts. Too often we get so caught up in the big picture that we forget about all the little things that make life worth living.
    Libby at http://libbysoutlook.blogspot.com/

  27. Love this post! Gorgeous photos too. The small things definitely are the big things. We should dwell in life's small pleasures. :)

  28. I couldn't agree more! Its been a hectic past few months, and this reminder came at a perfect time. I am going to see my family next week, and I intend to spend time enjoying the little things with them.

  29. This is just beautiful! I love this - If you don't mind I am going to link to this post today on Thankful Thursday - it truly is about learning to love the little things xo

  30. LOVED this post and how beautifully it was written. You hit the nail on the head, too! If we are just living from one big moment to the next, what's the point?
    And your pictures are adorable - you can definitely see the love (and happiness!) between you two :)

  31. I love this post, and agree completely! I started doing a blog series called 1,000 Gifts (definitely not my idea- I saw it a few places before I did it myself, but thought it was great) to help me stay grateful and happy for all of the little things in life.

    By the way, you two look amazing in those pictures! You can see the happiness in your faces! :)


  32. The timing of this post is just impeccable...I needed these words today!! And P.S. You two are too stinking cute! Love the pictures!

  33. the photos are great! i love the message of this post, as well. i love thinking of happiness not as a destination, but as a journey, as a decision. that thought really puts things into perspective.


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