Pack Your Bags: Cinque Terre

Last summer, 
I posted about Cinque Terre
to this gorgeous chunk of heaven
that sits dotted along the Italian coast.

This time I just want to hit a few of the highlights
and show you some gorgeous pictures
from the rebuilt town of Vernazza.

You might remember that last year
by severe flooding that swept down from the hillsides.

My cousins visited Vernazza in June
and described it as a ghost town 
compared the vibrant place that it used to be.

Mi non piaci.

The idea of going back was a little scary to me...
I wasn't in the mood to see one of my favorite places in deserted shambles.

But we had a free day with Megan & Stephen before our flight
and decided to give it a go.

Besides the 45 minutes of sun-tannings & relaxing that we had on the pier,
I was so glad to go and see that life was, basically, back to normal in the Cinque Terre.

The people of the 5Terre have worked tirelessly
and, to my delight, rebuilt the town.

The same places have come back and are now freshly standing where they once were.

For those that asked if the Cinque Terre is worth visiting after the floods,
I can now say, yes!

I give my blessing for you to go back to Vernazza...
because you were all, obviously, waiting for that, right?

It's alive!

{And ready for some tourists to get it back in business!}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Riomaggiore was by far one of the highlights of my last trip to Italy (Positano being the other). The sheer drops and quaintness of it was unbelievable.

    The only bad thing was there was a train strike. It took 9 hours to get to Cinque Terre, and we missed the Riomaggiore stop (it stopped in the middle of a pitch black tunnel). Three of my friends and I had to walk the path in the dark to the next town back because, duh, no driving. It was terrifying, but we enjoyed our several bottles of wine even more, and in the morning, we thought we were in heaven.

  2. Gorgeous! So glad the city is back! I heard about that landslide the other day. So scary!

    xo, Emily

  3. It looks lovely! So happy to see they have bounced back after such terrible flooding.

  4. What a cute little town! Looks like you enjoyed!


  5. I remember that flooding- it was so sad! Amazing resilience from the Italians. What a gorgeous city.

  6. the flooding was terrible, along with the earthquakes and crazy amounts of was a bad weather year. so glad everything is back to normal again! beautiful photos!

  7. Love this! Glad to know they have recovered! I got to visit in 2008 and I fell in LOVE! Plus the pesto is out of control. Great photos!

  8. Gorgeous! I was in Italy this past summer but sadly we didn't make it here. Just means I have to go back!

  9. Yay -- I feel like you were talking to me, so okay, we'll go! :) And is it totally awful that I hope maybe the floods would return it to a quaint, un-known spot...and not the place Rick Steves made everyone obsessed with?! There are so few places left to 'discover' Although, we've been to a town in Mexico, I'm quite certain NO ONE has discovered!

  10. I was JUST there and you almost can't tell anything happened there (and sorry {Hi Sugarplum?} but the tourists have not forgotten it!). My personal recommendation is to stay one town north of the Cinque Terre in Levanto, totally charming and almost entirely tourist-free. You can take a short train ride to all of the CT towns, or take a beautiful ferry ride. Here's the lovely little hotel/guest house we stayed at in Levanto, which I highly recommend:

  11. I am so pleased to hear that Cinque Terre is back in working order. When I was there in early May everything seems wonky. The trains had to take you places instead of the walking paths, there was strange stench in some places and a house dangled on a cliff, exposing the living room of a poor Italian's home. I knew we weren't getting the full Cinque Terre story, but I still was mesmerized by it. So lovely, simple, yummy and exactly what I expected Italy to be like (unfortunately some of our other stops weren't as much).

    Great to see it's back! ....Now I need to plan another trip!

  12. Looks gorgeous! I've been to quite a few places in Italy, but not Cinque Terre yet. I guess I'll have to check it out!

    Alyssa @

  13. My heart broke after that tragic event - We've been there a few times and it's always a favorite destination of mine (even though it's often busy with tourists). I'm so happy to see that things are back to normal there! Although just last night I received word that there was an earthquake in my hometown (Bettola - it's in the Emilia-Romagna region). My family is ok (thank goodness!) but it doesn't make me any less sad being so far away from them when events happen, you know? (Who am I kidding, of course you would understand!)

  14. I love Cinque Terre. Want to run away and live there forever love. I'm so happy to hear things are back to normal there. I have some very fond memories from my visit there and staying in Riomaggiore.

  15. You have no idea. Totally waiting for your blessing :) I'll keep you posted!!

    xo Caitlin (and Alex!)

  16. Me again -- which town do you recommend staying in?


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