GiGi New York: Tote-ally Awesome.

Traveling a lot
offers you the ability to learn
how to travel smart.

You learn what things you can do without
and what things you absolutely can't live without.

Pretty much anything that weighs more than 
my makeup bag or a paperback book
isn't making the cut...
my shoulders are so worn down from years of schlepping
my laptop, notepad, camera, water bottles,
piles of books I wanted to read (but never did)
around as we traveled.

But I'm older & wiser now....
and I have a kid
that requires lots of other transported junk gear.

So how do you travel smart
when you need all the essentials,
need it to double as a diaper bag,
but want to look like a normal/non-mom person?

Well, I have no idea...
but I think this cute tote bag
by GiGi New York
gets me pretty close to it.

I like the idea of using a bag
that is cool enough to me to wear pre-baby 
... after you become post-baby.

Obviously, I realllly like that idea. Reason 1051 I'm not a fashion blogger. God bless those special people.

Plus, you can put your own initials
on the cute bag tag...
or have them stamped directly on the bag.

{Like my cross-body from last summer had, remember?}

Your choice.

Traveling is hectic enough...
so why complicate it with extra pieces
when you could just carry everything in one, pretty, chic bag?

Especially when you've already got your hands full.

 GiGi New York Teddy Tote in Taupe, $295.

Sounds like it's time for you to get packing, too.

Check out the entire line here.


PS. This bag comes in so many colors!!! One for everyone. ;)

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
**tote bag c/o GiGi New York.


  1. Hi Lauren!!!
    I love that bag!!!even if I have no baby, I anyway deserve a beautiful bag like this, because I always travel with all my stuff!;)
    Have a nice day in USA!
    Un bacione dall'Italia!

  2. Love this bag and all of GiGi New York! I just moved to London and have been traveling a lot too and desperately want the bag you posted about before! They make great stuff.


  3. Adorable and practical all at the same time!

  4. love it. might i say, you really look amazing considering you gave birth and we know what goes down - around you - doughnuts and lots of treats. i think i need the bag to look as svelte as you dear.

  5. Lovely bag. Perfect baby! Gorgeous mama!!

  6. I'm sure you have the packing part of travel down to a science! I travel by plane about 3-5 times a year, which is a decent amount, and I still end up schlepping around too much in my carry on. Some day, I'll learn!

    The bag is cute for carrying baby stuff without looking like a diaper bag. Well done!

    (Also, I just finished blogging about our visit to London, and I used a bunch of tips from your blog. Thanks! You should check it out-- we did a pretty good job packing the days full of events!)

  7. Gigi New York bags have been on my Want list foreverrrrrr - my heart's after the cross-body, but the tote is super cute & looks really functional as well! Safe travels!

  8. i am with you on the changing bag thing, i do have a proper one for long trips away but i prefer using a longchamp bag--stylish yet practical :)

  9. Cute tote! I actually bought the cross body bag about 6 months ago on your recommendation. I have loved it for traveling with a semi-mobile baby. Hands free mama! The shoulder strap recently broke (I think it was just faulty stitching). The company was SO super amazing about it. They had me send it in and have fixed it and returned it to me within the week. I love when companies stand up for their product!

  10. this is a cute tote, and I love the little label stamped with your initials! for me, the perfect travel bags are by longchamp, so light weight and they seem to swallow 'stuff', while never getting heavy (seriously, forget the carpet bag, Mary Poppins must have had a le pilage!), although this tote is so pretty I could be swayed! Enjoy your trip! x

  11. All 3 of you are so adorable!! I really love that bag, and all the GiGi NY products. Not sure I can dish that much on a tote now.. but hey, my birthday is in a few months!! Any chance you can stuff a laptop in there?? Sadly, I wouldn't have the option of traveling sans laptop.

    Obsessing over your scarf!!


  12. ok AGAIN how are you so skinny already???? Jealous with a capital J!

  13. This bags almost as cute as your baby!!

    Although I'm not sure how you fit so much in it!


  14. I love that brand. I really love the deep indigo blue they have as an option for almost all of their pieces.

    PS you are looking incredible hot mama!


  15. I'd comment on the bag but I'm too distracted by Viola's adorableness! She seems to travel like a champ. I've been seriously eying the cross-body since you highlighted it last year and this bag looks just as chic.

  16. i like the bag, but i think your sweater steals the show- great color! {of course, viola is her own little show-stealer but that goes without saying (: }

  17. Hi,

    I came across your blog and just love it! I am a fellow blogger (writing about my move from the UK to the US, surviving an long distance relationship with my husband - the reason for going to the US - and the visa process).

    I just love these bags and this post - I am not a Mum yet but if/when I am I want to be as stylish as you! Love, love, love the look!

    ♡ Molly

  18. You just slipped into motherhood so stylishly. ;)

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  19. I love that Viola wears jewelry :)

  20. I bought these totes for my bridesmaids. They are great quality for the price! I'm going to take them and get them personalized. I would recommended gemline 115 tote


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