Aspiring Kennedy: Summer Style

I won't claim to be fashionable...
I just shop with two main goals:

1. To find what fits my body
2. To find it on clearance

Even though those two driving forces
are what guide me to building my wardrobe,
I do pay a lot of attention to what others are wearing...
and I do think I have a good sense for what works
and what is (and should be) a fleeting trend.

{Editor's Note: Though to be honest, I do love some trendiness.}

Maybe that is what building a great look really adds up to:

    2  parts of timelessness    +  1 part of trendy accent   = Well curated outfit.

Who really knows....

Either way, this is what I'm feeling for this summer....
which looks perfect for the amazing weather we are having here this week.

Non-stop sun?

I feel like I'm dreaming.

It's never felt so good to sweat.

warby parker mallory frames | diptyque roses candle | piperlime camo tee | matthew williamson scarf 
laura mercier mineral powder + 15spf | ampersand pillow | marc by marc jacobs watch | gap leather tote

What pieces- timeless or trendy- have you added 
to your summer look?


  1. You always look amazing - great sense of style - then again, you'd make a black plastic bag look good.
    I love the European colours for the season there at the moment...they're bright and fun - the shops here are full of black, brown, dark purple & mustards - not my favourite.

  2. When my mother-in-law died, breast cancer age 57, I ended up with many of her things.

    A decades old LLBean leather tote included. You've reminded me to take it from the closet & use it !!

    I love seeing the scuff marks she put on it by LIVING.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. I love the Gap leather tote, and what made me love it even more is that it's from Gap!! I totally thought it was going to be way more expensive than $90.00. I love shopping at Loft here in the states (I don't know, do you have Ann Taylor in London??!), because their full price items are upwards of $70, but you can find some great buys on the clearance rack. I found two shirts for $4, that both sold for $50 before they hit the sale rack!! That always makes me (and my husband) so happy!!!


  4. i love the challenge of finding great pieces on clearance! i esp am loving that gap tote bag and the camo tee - so cute!

  5. I want all of the above, please. Especially now that my sister has this obsession with getting me hipster glasses... LOVE those! I just added a couple maxi-skirts to my summer wardrobe... like a year after they were trendy, ha, so is that trendy or timeless? ;)

  6. My favourite summer pieces are flowery dresses, basically everything yellow (slightly obsessed), head shawls, big hats and stripes :-)

    Svenja xx

  7. The only things I have added this summer are a new swim suit from Boden, which is so cute you don't notice the imperfect figure wearing it. I also got a white tunic to wear over it and a cute straw fedora.
    And I may or may not have gotten a pair of yoga capri's from Victoria Secret that I have worn almost every day...not timeless or trendy, just pure lazy. Shhh...don't tell!

  8. Love that navy + white watch. so cute! I can't live without sundresses in the summer. So easy to throw on and you feel put together!

  9. LOVE your math equation SO true...and I was just looking at those glasses last night!

  10. Love that candle and pillow!

  11. Those glasses are fabulous- very geek chic!

    Brooke du jour

  12. this summer i've discovered the amaziness of chinos. i know, i know, it's nothing new but when i HAVE to dress up to work in hot muggy south korean weather, they are a life saver! i've been collecting them in every color that i can!

  13. i love the scarf, and the pillow is great! good eye, girl.

  14. Hi!
    I'm new to the blogging world, and would love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. I just got back from Paris, and I'm in denial that I can't stroll beautiful streets and eat macarons anymore. I'm sure you are exceptionally busy (as I am), but I'd certainly appreciate your feedback.

  15. I am very fortunate that my husband likes to find a bargain - in fact he it so good at it that they find him! I like the two rules for buying clothes - they are mine too!

    Molly @ The Move to America


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