Oh Boy, Oh Boy: The #royalbaby is here!

After spending today
trolling around St. Mary's Lindo Wing 
in the (year's hottest) heat,
we are proud to report:

Viola's arranged marriage 
is officially on track
and we are excited to start 
our play dates at Kensington.

We are now just waiting for Royal approval
(or perhaps, recognition of our existance)
to start the path to the altar.

Cheers to the safe arrival of
HRH Prince Charming.

(Who, at the time of posting, has not yet had his name announced.)

Either way, I have a feeling 
it will go swell with Viola.

Check out a few of the instagrams snapped 
from our day at St. Mary's.

My partner-in-crime, Amber. :)

Someone finally gave up
and wanted to get the heck out of the heat...

But I won't name names. 

And at last-
the news breaks!

It's a Prince.
All around the world,
every little girl's heart just skipped a beat.

Okay, fine... maybe not,
but their mom's did
faster than Carol Middleton can say
"Married Up."


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(like my time at the Royal Wedding or at the King James Bible Anniversary Service)
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*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. I am so jealous that you got to take a run by the Lindo Wing! Totally makes me miss London and want to revisit ASAP! Viola is so cute.



  2. For real... that baby boy would be lucky to have such an awesome mother-in-law such as yourself. And oh my crap Viola is the cutest. You're making my ovaries feel funny, Lauren. Not cool. So not cool.

  3. I had a feeling you'd have your pulse on what's going on. Your post is hands down the best coverage I've seen...and I'm watching it non stop. The painting of Kate is hilarious.

    Just don't forget to invite me to the wedding!!! Better start that trousseau now!

    Big hugs to you and Viola!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. Oh what a cute cake! So exciting to be living in England right now for moments like this! So glad you guys got to go out there today!

  5. Seriously, Viola is cute. Sounds like a fun day aside from the heat!

  6. Carole Middleton ain't got nothing on you and the rest of us that clearly see Vi's and the new Prince's future already. We totally got this!

  7. It was so fun following your IG feed. Even though you left, 'technically' you were there when he was born, so that should put V in direct line to be married to him..some way or another. ;) Mainly so they can talk about how fun it was that she was there when he was born and was interviewed (albeit while sleeping) during his birth. Story for their grand kids. ;)

  8. So cool you got to be there! I have been glued to Twitter today :) Love me some Kate Middleton.

  9. Giiiirrrl you did not miss a beat! And ahem.. that Balenciaga bracelet? How aristocratic of you ;)

  10. How cool to have been there. [Princess] Viola's expression in that last pic is just too adorable!
    - With Love, Rachel

  11. What a charming, cute post! Love that las pic of Viola.

  12. Prince Charming is so lucky to have a lil lady like Viola! lol :)

  13. I just learned the big news on your blog (not CNN or MSNBC)! How exciting :)

  14. Love that you went with your little one! Congrats to Kate and Will and their new addition!

  15. Oh this is so cute! I see Viola isn't fighting you on that arranged marriage ;)

  16. I was watching CNN's special "Will and Kate Plus One" (irony was not lost on me) last night and they talked about how Carol and thousands of other moms forced their daughters to attend St. Andrews because that's where Will was going. It's a brilliant last-ditch strategy for Viola, though I do home they meet much sooner than that ;)

  17. Hi Lauren,
    I am a new-er follower and absolutely love your blog!!! I interned at a company in London and have been in love with the city and dying to go back ever since! Your pictures of today and everything else around London make me so nostalgic. Today, I also wrote a post about the Royal Baby and what London means to me!

    Thank you for sharing all of your adventures. I can't wait to continue to follow along!



  18. Congratulations on the arrival of Viola's future husband! :)

  19. Princess Vi I can see it now! Go get him, girl!

  20. Haha, love this! And I loved all of your coverage today, so fun to see your pics! I told my husband that we needed to start saving for Scarlett's college fund for St. Andrews- haha!

  21. i loved your instagrams... and you broke the news to me that it was a boy so thanks!!

  22. LOL, at "faster than Carol Middleton can say
    "Married Up." "

    Congratulations on the birth of your future son-in-law! ;-) I learned the news that HRH Prince Charming had arrived via your IG feed, too, ha! Take that CNN.

    P.S. OK I lied. People.com is my preferred news source, not CNN.

  23. Yay I've just landed in HK and the whole flight I kept asking the air hostesses to ask the captain for any news but this is where I heard it first! Go on Viola - you've got Prince Charming all wrapped up xx

  24. This post is awesome and hilarious. If I lived in London, I totally would have gone too!

  25. hahaha, marry up! This is hilarious!

    Can"t wait to read your blogs posts after their first royal play date!

  26. hahahahahahaha!!!
    You're fantastic!!!
    I keep my finger crossed for Viola!

  27. Aww it's so exciting isn't it! Viola is TOO CUTE! Perfect for Prince Charming <3 I keep saying to Whitney that as an American living over here, you get up to SO much more than us lol. We must join you one day ;) Let us know if you're ever having a Roual adventure in our home town- Windsor!

    M x

  28. we nay have a fight on our hands because u think ava is the official choice for the new little prince ;)

  29. ahahaha viola cracks me up! i love her disposition! :)

  30. Cute post! That painting thoroughly creeps me out, though.

    Suppose Anything Goes

  31. I cannot wait for Princess Viola's Royal Wedding Day!

    p.s. that painting is WEIRD

  32. I loved watching you all through Instagram on the big day! Yes, we all of mom of little ladies are planning that arranged marriage...but, we'd settle for a nice, hard-working middle class boy any day as well ;)

  33. You guys are adorable! I just discovered your blog via instagram last week and I feel like I have found my british soul sister (Kate is obviously my other one. Duh. Your little girl is lucky to have such a fun mama!

  34. oh. my. GOSH! this is the best!!!!!!! the best. ever.

  35. Viola is going to be the fiercest, prettiest little cougar out there ;) Also, you will understand how pissed off I am that OF ALL TIMES, I was on a fourteen hour flight to China during this whole debacle - missed absolutely everything, and am drowning in my own tears at the moment.

  36. What an exciting time in London!! And Viola is definitely the best little princess in line for HRH x

  37. that painting is OUT OF CONTROL.

    but how cool that you were there! the prince doesn't stand a chance against Viola :)

  38. Cute post! That painting thoroughly creeps me out, though. ..........
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  39. princess viola sounds pretty natural to me :) london is an exciting place these days.. i need to plan visit!

  40. You guys are adorable!! I love that you do it up with all the royal stuff!!! G and V are going to live a very happy life!


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