To A Tea: The V&A

I love the V&A.

Pretty much everything about it...

The architecture.

The pieces inside.

The fact that Victoria & Albert created it 
to be a museum for the working class
and made it accessible to them by keeping it open late
(and, controversially, by candlelight)
so people could come after working hours.

I love the sitting area outside in the courtyard.

{And, of course, I love the fact that it is free to visit.}


I mean, honestly...
how gorgeous is this place?

It's one of my favorite places to meet up.

Not only is the food great
and the setting amazing,

but I like to do a quick run through the museum
to learn one new thing every time I'm there.

I kinda feel like it's a waste if I'm in a place
that is so amazing 
and don't even see the exhibits.

{Then again, I'm a bit of a dork.}

When Megan was in town 
on her bon voyage tour,
we went for a girls day.

It was wonderful.

I ate a lot.

I'm going to call it "emotional eating" because Megan was leaving...
but it might also have been because those scones were awesome.

However you want to call it.

Either way,
the V&A rocks.

A few things to know:

The V&A doesn't do giant tea trays of small sandwiches & treats.
Instead, they have serving lines of hot food, cold food, baked goods & drinks.
It's, basically, the most gorgeous cafeteria you've ever eaten it...
and with some of the best/freshest food, too.

Get more information on opening times & location
here on the Victoria & Albert website.


Not your cup of tea?

Check out some of my other favorite spots for tea in London here.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. These photos are so pretty
    those scones look delicious

  2. I want that brownie. I might have to get on a plane to go get it. But let's be honest, Voila really steals the show in this post.

  3. I'm busy nerding out over that tablecloth!

  4. that raspberry and white chocolate muffin sounds amazinggggg!

  5. Oh my God!!!
    This cafetria is really amazing!!!WOW!
    I have to come back to London, to visit all the places you've talked about!

  6. That food is like seriously British Food Porn. Seriously- I need to go back to London only because of your awesome blog. It's the perfect travel guide.

  7. this sounds utterly amazing. i will have to pop over there very soon! i adore megan and that photo is precious. x

  8. How beautiful! I can't believe a place a gorgeous as that is just the cafeteria!
    - Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  9. Viola should never outgrow that headband. Ever. It's too perfect.

  10. I spy two gorgeous girls! This place looks so very amazing - breathtakingly beautiful, and I really want a bite of those brownies!

  11. The next time I'm in London I am going to dedicate my time to visiting all the tea places/cafes you talk about!!

  12. well...this made me teary eyed. I miss you ladies real bad.

  13. Living just down the street from the V&A was so dangerous for me when I lived there... I can't tell you how many times I decided a detour on the way to the Tube was built into my walking time (or, consequently, how many times i was late as a result). Ugh. You're making me ache for London. Oh, my heart.

  14. I LOVE the V&A! It feels so glamorous. I've never been to their cafe though- and now I feel like I must. xx

  15. OK.....I can barely stand how adorable that photo of Megan and Viola is!!!! V was made for the camera, clearly!!!!! cute!!!

    We did a quick run through the V&A, but the line for David Bowie was long and none of my guys seemed to be interested in the rest. If only I had none the cafe was back there!!!!! We would have loved that.

    Missing London so much and it seems like all eyes are on it this summer with the anticipated arrival of baby Cambridge (who won't hold a candle to Viola) and that awesome Wimbledon match.

    Hope you are well and enjoying being in the hottest spot on Earth!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  16. The V&A was one of my favorite spots when I visited London! We didn't have a chance to stop at the cafe though and I'm kicking myself now! Those scones do look delish!

  17. I love LOVE the V&A and am really bummed we didn't eat at the cafe when we were there! Alas, another time then!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  18. I love your tea room recommendations.
    When I lived in town I did not quite know the best places to go and have a proper English cup of tea with everything around such as scones etc. In the end we always opted for Starbucks and the like, I know. Very boring.
    Your little girl is adorable.

    Svenja xx

  19. I know I can count on a good escape to a cultural world when I visit your blog. Sometimes the endless slew of fast food chain restaurants lining the atlanta roads gets to me.
    And love seeing Meg with Viola. Living through her in this moment;)

  20. I love the V&A and have been to the tea room - very nice! I love a good cuppa!


  21. HI Lauren! I love the V&A too, have you been to any of their Friday evening talks? The last few weeks we've seen Cath Kidston & Jo Malone - both excellent and really inspiring. They are often at 6.30pm on Fridays and you girls should join us!
    Rowena xx


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